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Dave Clinger harvested this great buck, congratulations Dave on a fantastic buck.


Phillip Allen tagged out at the property with this young buck. Great shooting Phillip.

Congratulations Ed Leeper on your 2018 five pointer. Ed is an avid hunter, Olympic athlete and an all  around outdoorsmen. Great job buddy.

Congratulations Brian Gashel. Brian harvested this mature doe with his crossbow. Great job

On September 9, 2017 the McDonald Sportsmen's Association held their annual pheasant hunt for our group. Vic Polk was kind enough to take these pictures. https://www.flickr.com/…/142068975…/albums/72157685044827722   We cannot thank everyone at McDonald, and all of the volunteers who participated enough. As always, the hunt was perfect, the food was delicious and the door prizes were very much appreciated. We will be talking about this hunt for a long time.

Thank you to the Washington Lodge number 164 Free and Accepted Masons and the Blue Knights Chapter 16, for your generous $500.00 donation to our group. We really appreciate everything you do for our community.

Thank you to Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania and it's employees at the Washington shop for the very generous donation of $4,750 to our organization!! We really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Everyone had a fantastic day rabbit hunting. Four rabbits were harvested and Ed Fink also managed to tag his fall turkey, a beautiful hen. Thank you to all the hunters who participated and to everyone who volunteered to make this day happen.

Congratulations Zack on your outstanding archery buck. Congratulations to Ed and Philip on a very successful goose hunt.

Thank you Bill Capouillez and your staff at the Fur and Fowl Barn for donating another hunt to our members this year. We had a great time at the lodge and hunting on your property. Additional pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

Thank you to all the members of McDonald Sportsmen's Association for sponsoring our 3rd annual pheasant hunt. Everything was outstanding again this year and we all had a wonderful day in the outdoors. We really appreciate all your hard work making this day happen for us every year. More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

Sunday, April 3, 2016, we had a Ham and Bacon Shoot at California Hill Gun Club. It was very well attended and a great fundraiser for our organization. We would like to thank everyone who came out to participate, shoot or made a donation. Here are a few photographs, many more can be found on our Facebook page.

We had a fantastic day of trout fishing on March 12, 2016 at our pond. Thank you to all of the participants, volunteers and members who came out to fish. It was our first fishing event at the pond and very well attended. Please visit our Facebook page for more photos.

We would like to thank Bill Capouillez from Fur and Fowl Barn llc for donating a muzzleloader hunt to our group. Chris was able to harvest this 13 pointer on January 22 before the major snow storm. We plan on another hunt this coming fall with Bill and his group.

Congratulations Colin, Phillip, Todd and Carl on your 2015 bucks taken during the rifle season. It's always great to get together and harvest some beautiful whitetails.


We would like to thank Full Draw Adrenaline for sponsoring our first Wheelchair Accessible 3-D archery tournament. Full Draw Adrenaline provided all the targets, food and refreshments as well as prizes for everyone who participated. It was a great day of archery and although the weather was cold we had great participation from the membership.

Zack and Marcy are enjoying our new paddle boat on the pond. Members are invited to fish, currently it is catch and release bass fishing. Early next year trout fishing will be made available.

The second annual McDonald Sportsmen's Association pheasant hunt. Thank you to all the volunteers who made this event outstanding again this year. The lunch was delicious and the prizes were a great surprise. We really appreciate everything your organization does for our group. This is an event we all look forward to every year.

Congratulations Ed Fink on catching this Monster large mouth bass.

Thank you to all the volunteers in District Rotary 7300 for your generous donation of a Trac-Fab all-terrain wheelchair . Your gift is very much appreciated and will get our veterans and people with disabilities back into the great outdoors.

Marianna Outdoorsmen Association ribbon cutting ceremony. Opening the wheelchair accessible ramp.


Mt. Pleasant Township, Hickory Pa Memorial Day service May 25th 2015.  Thank you all for having us attend and the generous donation.

Turkey Season opening day May 2, 2015. You can read the story by clicking Here

Thank you Atlasburg VFW, BSA Troop 1396, Burgettstown American Legion, Burgettstown VFW, Knights of Columbus Burgettstown and Slovan VFW for the generous donation of $9094.36. We really appreciate everything you do for our organization each year.

Washington County Sportsmen Show 2-6 thru 2-8-15

Thank you to Align Networks for the 1,390 donation! We are thankful for your thoughtfulness in donating to our organization!

Buck Season 2014, At the property.  Thank you to all the people who work so hard to make these hunts possible.  It's great to share in each others success.

Thank you very much to the Washington Masonic Lodge 164 and the Blue Rider's for the $500 donation to our organization!

November 01, 2014 Rabbit Hunt

Fairbank Rod and Gun Club 3rd Annual Pheasant Hunt

Pheasant Hunt, McDonald Sportsmen Association

3rd Annual Fishing Day at Fairbank Rod and Gun Cub

Spring Turkey, Way to go Austin Young, what a great Tom.

Congratulations Carl Pashel for harvesting this spring gobbler opening day!

Thank you Atlasburg VFW, Burgettstown American Legion, Burgettstown Sons of the Legion, Burgettstown VFW, Knights of Columbus Burgettstown, Slovan VFW and the Hofrichter family for your generous donation of $8,000 to our group.

Working on the Barn

Community Days Bon-Ton

Donation from G4S, Thank You

Washington County Sportsmen Show

2013 Rifle Season at the property

Building improvements, thank you to all the volunteers who came out to work today.

2013 Fishing Day, Fairbank Rod and Gun Club

Fairbank Rod  & Gun Club 3rd Annual
Pheasant Hunt September 28, 2013
Thank you to all the volunteer's and members of Fairbank R&G for making this a great day!  We can't wait until next year.

Whip Em Baits Bass Tournament
Thank you out came out to the Whip Em Baits Bass tournament on 9/8/2013.  We can't say thank you enough to Henry and Sandy and all their volunteers at Whip Em Baits!

Thank you Fairbank Rod and Gun Club ! 
2nd annual Fishing day 7/20/2013.  It was a great day and we can't wait for next year!

Good luck Ed at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Tampa Florida this weekend !

Congratulations Ed on harvesting this great gobbler with your crossbow at 28 yards.  Hayes called this bird in close!

I've been trying fot the last 3 years, to get a turkey with my crossbow. Up til this year,, I had taken along a shotgun,,, just in case,,,. This year I said screw it,, and just took the bow. Well,,, I got that sucker.

Last week,, a really big tom came in,, well,, not really,, he stayed way out there. He was a really big bird,, with a beard dragging the ground. We had our decoys out,, and were calling like crazy. Problem was,, he had two hens with him. They were out there for about an hour,, feeding in some newly plowed soil,, but just wouldn't come closer than 65 yds ( range finder). I didn't figure I would get another shot,, as the hens were leaving the field,, so I sent $17 worth of arrow and tip out there. No love,, short by ,,,???,,,so I cranked the string back,, and took another shot, Nah, not even close.( another $17,, but we found one out of two)

Same spot,, a week later,, smaller jake,, but at this point,, who cares,, it's a turkey,,, 28 yds,, surprise of surprises,, I hit him where I was aiming. He ran,, one legged, to the edge of the field and into some multfloral rose. Hayes went to look for him,, found him about a yard into the bush.

After breasting out the bird,, and taking the tail for a mount,, Hayes, Phil, and I went to the VFW for a few celebratory beers,,, then home, where I made,, and ate, some turkey stir fry. Not a bad day.

The New Darkwoods Blind and Trailer

Congratulations Phil on your 2013 Spring Gobbler !

2013 Rabbit Hunt with Team Killzone

Washington County Sportsmen Show 2013

Terry Lee Pavlack
, an Elizabeth-area taxidermist who is deaf, shot this 250-pound black bear near Latrobe. He plans to craft the pelt into a rug.  Way to go Terry !

2012 Veteran's Service Covenant Life Fellowship 


Please read the story Here .  Thank you Covenant Life Fellowship for your $1,000. donation to our group and for all you do for American Veteran's!

Way to go Justin Miller !

2ND Annual Wounded Warrior Pheasant Hunt
Fairbank Rod and Gun Club 10/21/2012

6/16/12 our Day of Fishing at Fairbank Rod and Gun Club.  Thank you to all who came out  to fish and to all the workers who made this a great event ! It was fantastic to see Ken Dvorchak's fishing system, designed for hands free fishing action.  Thanks Whip Em Baits and Fairbank Rod and Gun Club for a great day.

Phillip and Greg turkey hunting 5/9/12.  Read the story Here

Phillip, hunting turkeys from a ground blind 5/9/12 

Ed turkey hunting with his crossbow 5/9/12

Ed Leeper's 2011 Buck
Read his story HERE

Fairbank Rod and Gun Club Pheasant Hunt 10/15/2011
Every Hunter Harvested At Least One Rooster

Here is one Hunters Story

Ed Leeper 2011 Antelope Hunt in Wyoming, great job Ed !  Read his story HERE

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